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Logan Square Bars

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Weegee's in Logan Square

Couple at Weegee's

Jim Newberry

August 10, 2007

Bob Inn

During the Fireside Bowl’s heyday, the Bob Inn served as the pre- and postshow watering hole of choice for generations of punks. The shows across the street may be mostly gone, but the bar’s cheap-ass drink prices, affectionate staff, and comfortably dive-y atmosphere still make it a destination in its own right. | Sun-Fri 11 AM-2 AM, Sat 11 AM-3 AM | 2609 W. Fullerton | 773-342-2309

Green Eye Lounge

Tucked under the Blue Line tracks at Western, the Green Eye’s run by the folks behind Underbar, Lemmings, and the recently opened Blind Robin. Like its siblings the bar’s low-key and casual without being a dive. The eight beers on tap range from PBR to Red Seal and Two Brothers; there’s also a changing selection of seasonal beers in bottles, lots of board games, and outdoor seating in the summer. | Mon-Fri 3 PM-2 AM, Sat noon-3 AM, Sun noon-2 AM | 2403 W. Homer | 773-227-8851

Helen’s Two-Way Lounge

A wedge at the intersection of Fullerton and Milwaukee, the Two-Way takes its name from the facing doors that open onto each street. The cross-ventilation creates a beautiful breeze through the place on a muggy evening—but if you’re looking for more amenities than that you need to go someplace else. At the Two-Way it’s a buck and a quarter for Old Style on tap and $3.75 for a shot of Beam, lots of country and classic rock fill the juke, and there’s often a scattering of old guys and younger dudes watching the Cubs game. | Mon-Fri 9 AM-2 AM, Sat 10 AM-3 AM, Sun 11 AM-2 AM | 2928 W. Fullerton | 773-227-5676

Small Bar

Around since 1907, this cozy corner joint with its brick walls and tin ceiling probably saw its share of bar fights back in the day, but under the Small Bar moniker the ashtrays are clean and the kitchen does calamari in addition to the burgers and fried cheese. And the beer menu, chalked on a board, features 60-odd international and craft brews. With its friendly staff, excellent jukebox, and neighborhood ambience, this place pretty much epitomizes unpretentious class. | Mon-Fri 4 PM-2 AM, Sat noon-3 AM, Sun noon-2 AM | 2956 N. Albany | 773-509-9888 |

Streetside Cafe

The Streetside’s not pushing any boundaries, but it does the basics pretty dang well. The room’s simply decorated, with an inviting, worn-in woody feel. The beer list offers a few nice selections at reasonable prices, including Spaten, Allagash White, and Scrimshaw Pilsner on tap. The menu’s just as simple, with a jalapeno-mayo-enhanced grilled cheese that might be the best in town. DJs spin everything from classic soul to house to rock Tuesday through Saturday. | Mon-Fri 11:30 AM-2 AM, Sat 11:30 AM-3 AM, Sun 11 AM-2 AM | 3201 W. Armitage | 773-252-9700

Tini Martini

DJs run the show at this hit-or-miss dance club. Depending who’s spinning in the three separate rooms, it can be anything from a flashy hip-hop club to the exclusive playground of the latest wave of decadent club kids. Drink prices are a little steep for the hood, but the potential for total urban hedonism is usually worth it. “No street clothes.” | Sun-Fri 9 PM-2 AM, Sat 9 PM-3 AM | 2169 N. Milwaukee | 773-269-2900

Weegee’s Lounge

If you’re looking for an expertly prepared gin rickey, sidecar, or old-fashioned, your best bet in Logan Square is this year-old joint just west of the burgeoning Armitage business strip. It’s dimly lit, rarely too crowded, never too loud, and arguably the most tolerable bar with a shuffleboard table in the city. Classic cocktails are the specialty, but there’s always a handful of regional brews on tap, and while the bottle selection isn’t as vast as what you’ll find at Small Bar or the Map Room, it’s no less carefully curated. The only real knock against the place is the attitude: the bartenders can be impatient and judgmental to a degree that would make even record-store clerks blush. | Daily 5 PM-2 AM | 3659 W. Armitage | 773-384-0707

Whirlaway Lounge

Of all the dives in Logan Square, none can hold a candle to the Whirlaway. Always too smoky, almost always too crowded, it’s the anti-Weegee’s in every regard. There’s a full liquor shelf, but the pours are always too weak. Beer comes strictly in bottles, and the choices are both unremarkable and largely overpriced. But it feels homey, like you’re getting drunk in your parents’ basement, and that’s entirely due to co-owner and bartender Maria Jaimes, a woman who used to cook a buffet for her customers once a week and has been known to make birthday cakes for her most beloved patrons. If you stop by more than once, you’ll likely be one of them. | Sun-Fri 4 PM-2 AM, Sat 4 PM-3 AM | 3224 W. Fullerton | 773-276-6809 R

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