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Chicago Reader Best of Chicago 2008

So, you’re familiar with the Best Of concept, right? Its pitfalls are obvious: businesses do their damnedest to stuff the ballot box, readers pick Domino’s for best pizza, and in an effort not to bore themselves silly, the staff tries to shoehorn the year’s news into 150-word blurbs like Best Alderman Who Hid Bribes in a Shoebox. But for this year at least, we decided to give you, our well-informed and adventurous readers, the benefit of the doubt. And you came through with some smart choices we’re happy to include here. That said, you also picked Whole Foods for best bakery, best cheese selection, best fishmonger, and best wine selection. Which also makes us happy—because apparently you do need us.

And so it is with absolute faith in your comprehension of apostrophe placement that we present the readers’ choices and the Reader’s choices for Best of Chicago 2008. We hope you enjoy them.   


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